nb3. Query objects by proposal id or bibliography code

The relevant columns in the ALMA TAP service are

We first import the required modules, and link to the TAP service.

Query a proposal ID

This function queries ALMA proposal IDs, also called project codes.

Query a bibliography code

This function queries (part of) BibCodes as given out by NASA ADS.

Query a Member OUS ID

This function queries Member Observation Unit Set (OUS) IDs. Member OUS correspond to an independent dataset.

Query a publication ID and a specific source

Example 3a: List all observations carried on under a proposal ID

Which were the science targets in these observations?

Which were the calibrators used in these observations?

Example 3b: Search for one specific source (J1229+0203, calibrator) in a list of proposal IDs

Query the ASDM UIDs associated with a specific source observed multiple times within different observation sets.