Known Issues

Known Issues affecting the Cycle 7 release of the ALMA Observing Tool

The following table lists those issues which are known to affect the Cycle 7 version of the Observing Tool. This will be updated to denote whether an issue has been fixed and whether this fix has made it into an updated release.

C1_032 Leaving the OT open for days at a time can cause an error upon saving. Saving to another file, closing the OT and re-opening produces a "ZLIB input stream" error i.e. the project is unreadable. This issue is yet to be satisfactorily characterised.
C2_009 Placing spectral windows that are exactly as far apart as they can possibly be can cause an error, the text of which is also misleading.
C6_001 The OT's mosaicing algorithm will not allow an even number of pointings along a single row. A custom mosaic may be used instead.
C7_001 Band-9 with C43-7 and Walsh is restricted to no more than 122 pointings per Science Goal
C7_002 Average data rates and volumes are incorrect for solar projects
C7_003 The OT is assuming that each TP SB will observe the maximum allowed amount of on-source time (40 minutes)