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Staff Manual


Chapter Document Source File PDF SCIREQ Ticket Owner Modification Date
1 ALMA Operations and Management Plans
1.1 ALMA Principles of Operations PDF P. Cox 03/26/2015
1.2 ALMA Steady State and Full Operations PDF P. Cox 03/30/2015
1.3 ALMA Operations Management Plan PDF S. Corder 03/31/2015
1.4 ALMA Maintenance Principles PDF N. Whyborn 02/08/2014
1.5 Principles for ALMA Development Program PDF S. Corder 04/08/2016
1.6 Principles of ALMA Proposal Review Process PDF SCIREQ-1955 J. Carpenter 04/22/2020
1.7 ALMA Operations Plan PDF R. Smeback 10/29/2007
1.8 ALMA Maintenance Management Plan PDF S. Iguchi 03/31/2015
1.9 ALMA Management Team Charter PDF P. Cox 03/30/2015
1.10 Summary of the Up-to-date Evolution of the Principles for the ALMA Development Program PDF S. Corder 03/30/2015
1.11 ALMA Director’s Office Implementation Plan PDF P. Cox 03/31/2015
1.12 ALMA Department of Administration Implementation Plan PDF R. Smeback 03/25/2015
1.13 ALMA Department of Computing Implementation Plan PDF C. Acherman 03/29/2015
1.14 NAOJ ALMA Facilities PDF S. Iguchi 12/29/2014
2 Science Operations & Policies
2.1 Department of Science Operations Implementation Plan PDF L. Nyman 3/28/2015
2.2 Department of Engineering Implementation Plan PDF S. Guniat 3/31/2015
2.3 Integrated Science Operations Team Implementation Plan PDF J. Hibbard 3/31/2015
2.4 ALMA Integration Science Team Implementation Plan PDF L. Testi 3/30/2015
2.5 ALMA Science Operations Staff Roles & Permissions Word File PDF G. Mathys 4/25/2015
2.6 EA ALMA Support Center Implementation Plan PDF S. Iguchi 3/31/2015
2.7 ESO ALMA Support Center Implementation Plan PDF W. Wild 6/02/2015
2.8 NA ALMA Support Center Implementation Plan PDF P. Jewell 3/31/2015
2.9 ALMA Software Delivery Process PDF SCIREQ-246 E. Schmid 8/15/2016
2.10 Staff Feedback Process for ALMA Science Software & Procedures Word File PDF SCIREQ-5 P. Andreani 7/7/2014
2.11 ALMA Internal Policies for the Use of ALMA Data Word File PDF J. Carpenter 3/16/2019
2.12 Additional Archive Internal Policies Word File PDF SCIREQ-202 M. Lacy 4/23/2015
2.13 Project Change Request Principles and CRSC Word File PDF SCIREQ-701 J. Hibbard 9/07/2017
2.14 AoD Instruction wiki page I. de Gregorio
2.15 AQUA Release Notes SP page S. Randall 2/19/2018
2.16 Archive Release Notes SP page F. Stoehr 8/1/2018
3 Data Management & User-Facing Support
3.1 Data Management Group Procedures
3.1.1 Data Processing Workflow / QA2 Word File PDF E. Villard 6/1/2014
3.1.2 Data Reduction Best Practices Word File PDF

S. Kimugi

3.1.3 How to Reduce ALMA Cycle 1 Science Data Word File PDF E. Villard 12/17/2013
3.1.4 Pipeline Interferometry Calibration  Word File PDF SCIREQ-737 J. Hibbard 7/17/2014
3.1.5 ALMA Science Single Dish Pipeline Reference Manual PDF SCIREQ-849 R. Miura 8/2016
3.1.6 Data Packaging and Delivery Word File PDF SCIREQ-214 L. Videla 5/12/2015
3.1.7 QA3 Procedure Word File PDF B. V. Vilaro 3/26/2013
3.1.8 ALMA Data Product Naming Standards Word File PDF SCIREQ-110 K. Nakanishi 12/24/2018
3.2 User Support Procedures
3.2.1 Phase 2 Process (Cycle 5) PDF SCIREQ-855 S. Randall 7/27/2017
3.2.2 ALMA Helpdesk Staff Guide   PDF K. Saigo 02/2021
3.2.3 ALMA Helpdesk Administrator Guide   PDF S. Wood 11/2019
3.3 Proposal Review Support Procedures
3.3.1 ALMA Cycle 3 Review Process PDF G. Mathys 3/2/2015
3.3.2 Guidelines for Technical Assessors wiki page L. Nyman