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Welcome to the Science Portal at NRAO


This is the website for The ALMA Science Portal, served from one of the ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs) of the ALMA partner organizations: ESO, NRAO or NAOJ. You may switch between the different instances of the portal through the links to the appropriate ALMA partner at the top banner. Through this portal you can find details about the technical capabilities of ALMA, how to propose for observing time, and how to access ALMA data. It includes links to all official ALMA documents and tools, including those for preparing and submitting proposals and processing ALMA data. In order to access some of the tools, users must register with the project and login to the portal via the links at the top banner.

Each of the three ARCs provides additional User Services, including a Helpdesk for all user queries. Each ARC maintains additional web pages with information on region-specific user services, such as visitor and student programs, schools, workshops, financial programs and public outreach activities. These are accessed via the links under the User Services at the ARCs area in the left menu.