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Need help? Consider checking the ALMA Knowledgebase for answers to your inquiries. In cases where the Knowledgebase does not provide a satisfactory answer, consider submitting a ticket to the ALMA Helpdesk. Finally, ALMA Region Centers (ARCs) are available to provide face-to-face training and assistance.


The “knowledgebase feature” of the Helpdesk is a database of answered questions or articles on all aspects of ALMA and is also available to unauthenticated users. Users can search the knowledgebase to find answers to common queries without submitting a Helpdesk ticket. Knowledgebase articles that match their query are automatically suggested to users as they type.

ALMA Helpdesk

When a user submits a ticket to the  ALMA Helpdesk, the tickets are directed to one of the ARCs, where support staff are available to answer any question related to ALMA, including but not limited to ALMA policies, capabilities, documentation, proposal preparation, the OT, Splatalogue, and CASA. Users may also request information on workshops, tutorials, or about visiting an ARC or ARC node for assistance with data reduction and analysis. Users must be registered at the ALMA Science Portal to submit a Helpdesk ticket. Generally, ALMA staff aim to answer Helpdesk tickets within two working days.

ALMA Regional Centers

The interface between ALMA and the astronomy community is provided by the three partners through the ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs). These ARCs are located at NAOJ in Mitaka, Japan, for the East Asian partner, at ESO in Garching, Germany, for the European partner, and at NRAO in Charlottesville, USA, for the North American partner.