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Duplication Checklists

In order to ensure the most efficient use of ALMA, duplicate observations of the same location on the sky with similar observing parameters (frequency, angular resolution, coverage, and sensitivity) are not permitted unless scientifically justified. Details on the duplication policy are provided in Section 5.4 of the Cycle 4 Proposers Guide and Section 5.2 of the Users' Policies.

Cycle 4 proposals will be checked for duplication observations obtained in Cycles 1 and 2, Cycle 3 Grade A projects, and any Cycle 3 projects with data deliveries that occur before the Cycle 4 proposal submission deadline. To help Principal Investigators identify duplicates, a link is provided below to a list of previous or scheduled observations that will be used for duplication checks. Additional details on data obtained to date can also be obtained from the ALMA archive. Data obtained for Grade B or Grade C proposals after the Cycle 4 proposal deadline will not constitute duplications against Cycle 4 proposals. It is the responsibility of the proposers to check their proposed observations against the list of previously executed or accepted programs to avoid duplicate observations.

The duplication source list is provided in both Excel Workbook (xls) and Comma Separated Variable (CSV) text format. It includes one row for each target, offset, or mosaic central pointing. The content is described at the beginning of the file, and includes target names, coordinates, properties of each spectral window, along with the PI-requested resolutions and sensitivities. Observational constraints are not included. The metadata are primarily drawn from the "Phase 1" data submitted with the original proposals. "Phase 2" metadata (drawn from the Scheduling Blocks created by ALMA staff and approved by PIs) are used when the Phase 1 data are significantly modified (as a result of proposal review process, from an approved Change Request, or to be consistent with ALMA "best practices").

A link is provided to a user-contributed python script, which contains functions to search, plot, and display source information contained in the xls and csv files. Instructions on how to run the script are provided in the script header. The script is made available on an "as-is" basis for convenience and is not supported by the ALMA Regional Centers.

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