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Cycle 11 Documents

Call for Proposals

Documentation supporting the current ALMA Call for Proposals ‚ÄstCycle 11. Documents from previous Cycles are provided¬†here.


Document Description
ALMA Proposer's Guide Contains all pertinent information regarding the ALMA Call for Proposals
ALMA Technical Handbook A comprehensive description of the ALMA observatory and its components
ALMA Users' Policies The long-term core policies for use of the ALMA and ALMA data by the science community
Observing With ALMA - A Primer Introduction to interferometry and how to use ALMA
ALMA Proposal Template Zip files containing the proposal templates in LaTeX format. Recommended but not mandatory
ALMA Proposal Review Process A detailed description of the ALMA Proposal Review Process
Principles of the ALMA Proposal Review Process The latest version of the Principles of the ALMA Proposal Review Process


Phase 1 &  2

ALMA Phase 1 (observing proposal) and Phase 2 (telescope runfiles for accepted proposals) materials are submitted through the ALMA Observing Tool (OT). Below are documentation which will aid the created and submitted of Phase 1 and Phase 2 with the OT.

Document Description
OT Quickstart A Quick Start Guide for using the Observing Tool
OT User Manual Describes how to use the Observing Tool for preparing ALMA proposals
OT Reference Manual An in-depth description of the Observing Tool
Video Tutorials Video how-to for the Observing Tool
Known OT issues For those instances when OT problems are encountered
Phase 2 Quickstart Guide A Quick Start Guide for approved ALMA observing proposals - the process of Phase 2
A User's Guide to ALMA Scheduling Blocks (Cycle 4) Guide to understanding the structure and content of ALMA Scheduling Blocks (SBs) using the Observing Tool (OT)


Guides to the ALMA Regional Centers

The ALMA Regional Centers provide user support and host special activities related to their respective regions. Their functions are described in the 'Guide to'.

Guide to the East Asian ARC
Guide to the European ARC
Guide to the North American ARC


ALMA Science Data Tracking, Data Processing and Pipeline, Archive, QA2 and Large Program Data Products

Document Description
SnooPI SnooPI allows PIs, Co-Is and Delegees to track the observational and processing status of their ALMA science projects.
ALMA Guides CASA Guides for ALMA Data.
CASA Documentation check here for applicable CASA version
ALMA Science Pipeline Documentation The ALMA Science Pipeline has been developed with the goal of performing automated data processing before delivery to the user. It performs ALMA interferometric and single-dish data end-to-end processing (calibration and imaging).

Using ALMA Archival data - A Primer

This document provides basic introductory information of how to use the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) data available through the ALMA Science Archive (ASA), including how to query, extract and scientifically exploit the content of the ASA.
ALMA Science Archive Manual

The ALMA Science Archive holds all public and proprietary ALMA science data. The Archive provides a form-based query tool to the data and allows for anonymous or authenticated download.

ALMA QA2 Data Products for Cycle 10  ALMA data sets undergo a series of quality assurance (QA) processes. The QA2 stage is an assurance that the observations have achieved the characteristics requested in the proposal. This document describes the QA2 process and the data products delivered to the users for Cycle 10.
Standard for Externally Contributed ALMA Large Program Data Products This document details the standards for Large Program enhanced products to ensure their proper ingestion into the ALMA Science Archive.


ALMA Reports, Memos and Newsletters

Document Description
ALMA Reports ALMA Reports - Documents about various aspects of the status of the ALMA observatory and the progress of Science Operations are collected here
ALMA Memo Series Technical reports regarding various aspects of the ALMA development and construction
ALMA Technical Notes Series From Extension to Optimization of Capabilities
The ALMA Newsletters