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Known issues

  • 2022 February
  • 2021 December
  • 2021 January
  • 2020 December
  • 2020 March
    • New faster ALMA Request Handler back-end for much more robust downloads released
    • Fixes to the query interface (redshift calculation, VOTable description, publication number,
    • ALMA TAP server released
    • ALMA SIAPv2 server released
  • 2019 July
    • New ALMA query interface released!
    • Number of publications shown on the SP: fixed
    • Improved footprint calculation for mosaics
    • selection boxes in RH work now as expected
  • 2019 May
    • Improved footprint calculation for complex mosaics
    • Improved sensitivity calculation for the 7m array
    • Improved LSRK frequency values
    • README files now available separately
    • Subdirectory names on the RequestHandler shown when tar files are opened
    • Save as... saves a single file without the .tar container
    • Download script asks if .tar files should be unpacked
  • 2019 Februrary
    • Improved footprint calculation for some mosaic footprints
    • Sensitivity calculation improved if 12m antennas area added to 7m array
    • Improved frequency display (LSRK)
    • ObsUnitSet README file now better visible
    • Download script now offers to unpack the tar files
  • 2019 January
    • SV data can be searched and downloaded through the Archive interface
  • 2018 October
    • The display of the file number and size on the Request Handler was corrected
    • Band 5 observations are now classified correctly as Band 5 even if they are at the very edge of the band
    • auxiliary files are now selected for download per default
    • the list of sources displayed on the RH is now unique
  • 2018 August
    • Files from Cycle 5 onwards can be downloaded either in the usual tar-files or individually directly from the ALMA Request Handler. Click on the small black triangles in front of the tar-file names to open up the file contents and use either the "Save As ..." of your browser or select the files for download with the script.
    • The 'frequency support' column now also contains the line-sensitivities of the spectral windows at native resolution and at 10km/s.
    • The QA2 status information in the result list has been corrected
  • 2018 June
    • improved calculation of values (e.g. sensitivities) for ObsUnitSets that have some of their data declared QA0 SemiPass.
    • Science Verification data (SV) searchable in the Query Interface (downloads still need to be done through the SV data page).
    • The products for Cycle 5+ data have been split into two tar files: the tar file containing the FITS files as well as an auxiliary tar-file with the remainder of the products. Users only interested in the weblog or QA2 report or in recomputing the calibrated measurement sets do not have to download the FITS products and users who are only interested in the FITS products do not have to download the auxiliary files.
    • Improved download experience: the download script automatically retries if there are network glitches
  • that you can search for public but not yet published data? Put '0' into the 'Publication count' field and select the 'public data only' checkbox like so.
  • that queries and downloads can be done also from a script with astroquery?
  • Cycle 5+ files can now be downloaded individually?
  • that as a PIs you can give other registered ALMA users access to your proprietary data by logging into the Science Portal and then in the Profile section selecting the 'Project delegation' tab?
  • that in addition to the ALMA Science Archive Manual we provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions?
  • that authors who make use of ALMA data in their publications must place the ALMA ackowledgement statement into their publications?
  • the footprints of the TotalPower (TP) observations are not showing the full extent but are currently represented only by a single TP antenna pointing.
  • A download of Cycle 0 data might fail through the download script. In this case, please download the file with right click and 'Save as ...' from the Request Handler directly.
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