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The ALMA Archive

The first ALMA Science data are now public. These data are accessible through the Science Portal without user registration.

Data still within its proprietary period is only accessible to PIs as authenticated users. The data proprietary period is 12 months, starting at the time when data is delivered to the PI. A single project may be divided into more than one delivery and in these cases a unique 12 month proprietary period is defined for each delivered data set.

Access is provided through the Archive link in the left side-bar.

The ALMA Archive is under development and will eventually provide access to all data obtained by the ALMA observatory. This includes: raw science data from the correlators, calibration data, processed and quality assured data, including image data cubes as well as logs and reports on project execution and quality assurance.

The ALMA Calibrator Source Catalogue

A web-based user interface to the calibrator database is provided through the  Calibrator Catalogue link in the left side-bar.

The intention is to provide a more complex, public search tool for calibrator sources, which can also be accessed through the Observing Tool and included into the Scheduling Blocks. The principles of the calibrator selection during observation are described in the  ALMA Cycle 2 Technical Handbook, A.8 'Calibration source selection'

The data comprise ALMA calibrator measurements of the flux density for sources drawn from seed catalogues such as ATCA, SMA and VLA, and use updated coordinates from VLBI. Stated flux density uncertainties do not in all cases fully account for uncertainties in the planetary models used for the primary amplitude calibration. Structure information, expressed as the acceptable uv range, is available for sources where relevant for past and current ranges of ALMA baseline. Polarization information will be added during Cycle 2. For further details on the Calibrator Source Catalogue, see Fomalont, E., et al., 2014, "The Calibration of ALMA using Radio Sources', The Messenger, 155, 19"



Science Verification Data

In addition to the archive, there are several datasets available as Science Verification data. These observations are performed in order to demonstrate the early capabilities of ALMA. Access to the data sets are through the link Science Verification in the left side-bar. Information about planned Science Verification observations are also presented. Publications making use of ALMA Science Verification data must include a statement in the acknowledgement that is similar to the one for regular data (see below). The Science Verification acknowledgement can be found under the Science Verification link in the left side-bar.


Using ALMA data for publication

Publications making use of ALMA data must include the following statement in the acknowledgement:

This paper makes use of the following ALMA data: ADS/JAO.ALMA#2011.0.01234.S . ALMA is a partnership of ESO (representing its member states), NSF (USA) and NINS (Japan), together with NRC (Canada), NSC and ASIAA (Taiwan), and KASI (Republic of Korea), in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. The Joint ALMA Observatory is operated by ESO, AUI/NRAO and NAOJ."

Please substitute the place-holder project code 2011.0.01234.S with the code(s) of the data used.

In addition, publications from NA authors must include the standard NRAO acknowledgement:
"The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc." .