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The Snooping Project Interface (SnooPI) is a software tool that allows PIs, Co-Is and Delegees to track the observational and processing status of their ALMA science projects. SnooPI is available through the link below (just click the button) and will open in a separate window or tab. A link to the User Manual is available from within the application and here


 Bug fixes and new features of the OBOPS-2020.04 release:

-  The new "light blue thumb up" symbol is displayed when Phase 2 has been submitted by the PI, but the SBs have not been generated yet.


Older updates:

OBOPS-2020.02 release

SnooPI's version number is reported in the upper right corner (Format: OBOPS-YYYY.MM)
OFF Positions are shown in the EB details page for TP projects (executed after 11 March 2020)

December 2019

- DPR Proposal reviews are displayed in the proposal details section  

October 2019

- Waiting status of the SBs is now correctly displayed with a clock icon
- Link to the configuration schedule is shown in the SB details page

February 2019

- Delegation type added in Delegee project list
- Target coordinates in EB details are now shown properly for mosaics 
- Bug causing the viewing of older proposal pdfs at the time of proposal submission fixed

May 2018

- Phase 2 delegees added
- Newsfeed no longer reports on deleted SBs
- Coordinates of external ephemeris objects added to EB details
- Help button at the top of all views describes meaning of symbols

October 2017

- Information on Descoped SBs added at the bottom of the project details page
- List of delegees added in the project details
- Added PI name and link to projects in Co-I and Delegee project lists

June 2017

- SB and MOUS history added.
- Time and visit constraints added at the SB details level.

May 2017:

- Loading projects, SBs and detailed EB view is now faster.
- All projects tick box is no longer available in the page header but as an option on the project and SB lists.
- Contact Scientist (CS) tick box only appears if user is a CS.
- New Project, SB and OUS lifecycle statuses properly displayed.
- QA2 reports now available.
- Min/Max angular resolution, non-standard mode flag, time constrains added in the SB details.
- QA0_PASS and QA0_SEMIPASS now marked by different symbols.
- Archive query can be launched for an OUS as soon as the first EB is QA0_PASS.
- Coordinates added in detailed EB view.

February 2017:

- Tsys reported in EB detailed view was actually Trec. This has now been fixed.
- The APRC consensus report, shown in the Project details, was sometimes truncated; this has now been fixed and the report appears structured.
- Co-PI names are now displayed in the Large Projects details.
- Approved projects of new Cycle are now visible before SB submission (of relevance to Cycle 5).
- The nominal configuration for each SB is shown (from Cycle 4 projects on).
- MOUS status shown in SB details, when relevant.
- TP "query" SBs are no longer listed.
- When a user is Co-I and Delegee for project, the project is listed under both tabs.
- Links to reports only appear when reports are available.

December 2016:

- The bug that prevented QA0 and projects reports to be shown has now been fixed.
- The Representative Frequency shown as NaN for multi-source SBs is fixed.
- Co-PI projects are listed among PI projects, and delegated projects appear in a separate tab.
- A link from inside the tool points to the User Manual.