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CASA Simulator

CASA simulator and array configuration files

The CASA Simulator allows a user to simulate interferometric observations, including the ALMA observatory. The simulations consider the configuration of the ALMA array, the receiver specifics and atmospheric conditions.

Array Configuration Files

The simulation of ALMA observations depends on the array configurations. As outlined in Appendix A of the ALMA Proposers Guide and, in more detail, the ALMA Technical Handbook, there are 8 different configurations representing the 12-m Array during Cycle 8 2021 and one configuration representing the Atacama Compact Array (ACA). The array configurations are included in the Cycle 8 2021 tar file below and can be used together with the CASA Simulator to produce representative models of ALMA Cycle 8 2021 observations. Note that the Cycle 8 2021 tar file is identical to the Cycle 7 configuration tar file, however, the two longest baseline configurations contained in the tar file are not available in Cycle 8 2021. The same files are also included in the web based simulation done with the ALMA Observation Tool (OST). DDT proposals during Cycle 7 need to use the Cycle 7 configuration files.

ALMA Cycle 1 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 2 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 3 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 4 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 5 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 6 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 7 configurations file
ALMA Cycle 8 2021 configurations file