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 About this Portal

The ALMA Science Portal is a one-stop source for information and tools aimed at the scientific community as a whole, including proposers, archive researchers, ALMA staff, journalists, and funding agencies. This section of the Science Portal provides facts about how ALMA is organized, where it is, what it is, what the conditions are, and a link to the portal aimed at the general public.


About ALMA 

Organization An overview of the organizational structure of ALMA, the ALMA Regional Centers and the steering bodies. A detailed guide to the ALMA Regional Centers can be found in the European ARC Guide, North American ARC Guide and East Asian ARC Guide. 
ALMA Basics A quick description of ALMA as an interferometer and an overview of its capabilities.
The ALMA Site Describes the location of ALMA, where the antennas and the Operation Facility are located, and its weather statistics and climate conditions. A model of the atmospheric transmission as a function of frequency and precipitable water vapor content is available.
ALMA for the Public This is the portal for the general public, with a lot of information and stunning visuals on ALMA, a press room, and much more.