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ALMA Large Program to INvestigate [CII] at Early times (ALPINE)

The ALMA Large Program to Investigate C+ at Early Times (ALPINE) is a 70 hour survey to measure the gas and dust properties for a large sample of galaxies in the early Universe to understand their formation and evolution in a phase of rapid growth. The survey targets 118 typical (main-sequence) galaxies at redshifts z=4-6 when the Universe was 1/10th of its current age and builds upon the exquisite multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopic data available on the COSMOS and GOODS-South fields. The main goals of ALPINE include to (i) quantify the amount of obscured star formation; (ii) measure the relation between carbon emission and star formation; (iii) study the dust and gas distribution and content; and (iv) characterise the gas kinematics and contribution of mergers to the growth of the galaxies.


Team members at DR1:

Ricardo Amorin, Sandro Bardelli, Matthieu Bethermin, Médéric Boquien, Peter Capak, Rosamaria Carraro, Paolo Cassata, Andrea Cimatti, Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadsky, James Dunlop, Andreas Faisst, Yoshi Fudamoto, Seiji Fujimoto, Mauro Giavalisco, Michele Ginolfi, Carlotta Gruppioni, Nimish Hathi, Shoubaneh Hemmati, Thomas Hughes, Edo Ibar, Gareth Jones, Yanu Khusanova, Anton Koekemoer, Guilaine Lagache, Federica Loiacono, Olivier Le Fèvre, Brian Lemaux, Roberto Maiolino, Daniel Masters, Hugo Méndez-Hernández, Tohru Nagao, Desika Narayanan, Pascal Oesch, Riccardo Pavesi, Janine Pforr, Francesca Pozzi, Dominik Riechers, Michael Romano, Wiphu Rujopakarn, Daniel Schaerer, John Silverman, Margherita Talia, Lidia Tasca, Romain Thomas, Sune Toft, Laurence Tresse, Livia Vallini, Daniela Vergani, Fabian Walter, Wei-Hao Wang, Lin Yan, Giovanni Zamorani, Elena Zucca

Contact person for questions about the ALMA data: Matthieu BĂ©thermin (matthieu.bethermin@lam.fr or matthieu.bethermin@astro.unistra.fr)

Contact person for questions about the ancillary data: Andreas Faisst (afaisst@ipac.caltech.edu)


Main deliveries:

The ALMA Science Archive contains the continuum-subtracted cubes, CII moment-0 maps, and continuum maps of the survey. They can be found here. Each MOU contains two sources.

There is also a Vizir table of the catalog available here: https://vizier.cds.unistra.fr/viz-bin/VizieR?-source=J/A+A/643/A2



Three papers describing the survey:

-   Survey strategy and goals: Le Fèvre, Bethermin, Faisst et al. (2020), in "Uncovering Early Galaxy Evolution in the ALMA and JWST Era", 352, 210, ALPINE: The ALMA [CII] survey of normal star-forming galaxies at 4 < z < 6

-   ALMA data analysis and catalogs: Béthermin, Fudamoto, Ginolfi et al. (2020), A&A, 643, A2, The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey: Data processing, catalogs, and statistical source properties

-   Ancillary data: Faisst, Schaerer, Lemaux et al. (2020), ApJS, 247, 61, The ALPINE-ALMA [C II] Survey: Multiwavelength Ancillary Data and Basic Physical Measurements

An up-to-date list of all ALPINE papers can be found at ADS using the following link:

Press Release / Outreach:

ESO Messenger article: https://www.eso.org/sci/publications/messenger/archive/no.180-jun20/messenger-no180-31-36.pdf
Outreach website: http://alpine.ipac.caltech.edu/
CNRS/INSU press release: https://www.cnrs.fr/en/surprisingly-mature-galaxies-early-universe
NRAO press release: https://public.nrao.edu/news/galaxies-in-the-infant-universe-were-surprisingly-mature/
INAF press release (italian): https://www.media.inaf.it/2020/10/27/galassie-alpine/
NAOJ press release: https://alma-telescope.jp/en/news/press/alpine-202010

Link to additional ressources:

Team website for astronomer: https://cesam.lam.fr/a2c2s/
Outreach ALPINE website: http://alpine.ipac.caltech.edu/#publications