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Science Verification: CB54


CB54 (J2000 07:04:20.9 -16:23:20) is a southern Bok globule. It is an isolated molecular cloud that exhibits active star formation and contains a multple system of young protostars at different stages of evolution. Observations will be carried out in Band 7, using the 12-m array, and tunings will cover CO(3-2), HCO+(4-3), CS(7-6) and HCN(4-3).

Example references: de Gregorio-Monsalvo et al., 2009, AJ, 137, 5080

Capabilities to be verified

With this target we will demonstrate Cycle 1 spectral modes capabilities (mixed correlator mode, multiple spw per baseband), as well as being a fairly large mosaic (about 100 pointings to cover an area of about 70''x70''). Observations will use the 12-m array.


This is an example of a region with relatively narrow lines but plenty of structure and relatively rich in lines so that we can demonstrate the ability to place multiple spectral windows as needed and also obtain adequate continuum sensitivity.


Not observed. We no longer plan to observe this target.