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Science Verification: Chamaeleon


The Chamaeleon molecular clouds are one of the nearest star forming regions (at a distance of about 150 pc) and are at a very southern declination (-77 degrees). A set of ~15 young stellar objects will be observed in Band 6 to obtain the properties of the disks and envelopes.

Example references: Belloche A., et al. 2011, A&A, 527, 145; Manoj P., et al. 2011, ApJS, 193, 11

Capabilities to be verified

With this target we will demonstrate the Cycle 1 multi-field capabilities. Observations will be carried out in Band 6 using the 12-m array, with tunings covering 12CO, 13CO, C18O and SiO. The correlator setup used will be: mixed, one spectral window per baseband. Other capabilities that may be demonstrated: long baselines.


This is a representative galactic / star-foramtion project requiring multiple fields in a relatively small region of the sky and a single tuning. Snapshot images with angular resolution of ~0.6 arcseconds (~400 m baselines) should provide a good demonstration, observations with the full 1km baseline would be better.


Not observed. We no longer plan to observe this target.