Science Highlight




Science Verification: Fornax Cluster


The Fornax Cluster is a nearby galaxy cluster, at a distance of about 18 Mpc. It contains about 350 catalogued galaxies (Fornax Cluster Catalogue; Ferguson, 1989). Its central galaxy (NGC1399) lies at 03:38:29.1 -35:27:03. The Fornax targets that will be used for Science Verification are: NGC1317, NGC1386, NGC1341, NGC1437B, NGC1437A, NGC1387, NGC1351A, NGC1380, PGC012706, PGC013571.

Example reference: Ferguson H., 1989, AJ, 98, 36

Capabilities Tested

With this target we will demonstrate the Cycle 1 multi-field interferometry capability. The observations will be single pointings using the 12-m array plus 7-m array (ACA) and the low spectral resolution correlator mode. Additional functionalities to be demonstrated are: multi-field and multi-velocity interferometry.


Not observed. We no longer plan to observe this target.