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Science Verification: G34.26+0.15


G34.26+0.15 (J2000 18:53:18.55 +01:14:58.2) is a complex of 3 ultra-compact HII regions. It is expected that

Example references: Mookerjea B., et al., 2007, ApJ, 659, 447; Hunter T., et al., 1998, ApJ, 493, 97

Capabilities to be verified

With this target we will demonstrate Cycle 1 high-angular resolution capabilities. Observations will use the 12-m array plus 7-m array (ACA) and single dish. Correlator modes to be used are: mixed, multiple spw per baseband modes. Band 9 will be used, covering the following lines: H21a, CH3CN, 34SO2, SO2, CH3CN, 13CO.


This is an example of a well-studied bright compact object that is expected to show lots of structure in both continuum and spectral lines, including absorption as well as emission features.


Not observed. We no longer plan to observe this target.