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Science Verification: Long Baselines - Mira

Description / Details of the target

Target: Mira (J2000 02:19:20.79 -02:58:39.5). Mira is a well-studied AGB star and is a prototypical Mira variable.

Spectral setup: an FDM spectral window centred on the SiO line, plus other spectral windows for continuum. In bands 3 and 6.

Example references: Ramstedt et al., 2014, arXiv:1410.1529; Cotton et al, 2008, A&A, 477, 853; Reid & Menten, 2007, ApJ, 671, 2068

Capabilities to be verified

10km baselines in Bands 3 & 6. Demonstration of similar-resolution (~0.06'' for a ~10km baseline configuration) imaging at two frequencies (Bands 3 and 6) in a mixed mode spectral setup (demonstrating both spectral line and continuum). With a proper motion of 240 mas/yr it will also provide an astrometric test.


Observed. Data will be released on 17 February 2015.

An announcement will appear on the ALMA Science Portal prior to any Science Verification data being publicly released.