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Science Verification: VV114 (IC1623)


VV114 (IC1623, ARP236) is a nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxy (LIRG) whose two progenitor galaxies are still distinct. Its CO emission, detected with the SMA, is consistent with being the inner part of the tidal arms seen in the optical. Observations in Band 9 (CO J=6-5) will require a ~30-point mosaic to cover the region containing the high-density gas.

Example References: Iono, D. et al, 2004, ApJ, 616, L63 ; Wilson, C. et al. 2008, ApJS, 178, 189

Capabilities to be verified

With this target we will demonstrate the Cycle 1 imaging extended structure capability. Observations will use the 12-m array plus the 7-m array (ACA). Correlator modes to be used are: low spectral resolution.


This is an example of an extra-galactic source with moderately extended structure (~30 arcsec) compared to the shortest spacings and the primary beams at band 9. It is sufficiently bright that a good image cube should be possible with the limited integration times available when doing a mosaic.


Observed but no data of suitable quality for release was obtained.