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ALMA Reports

Documents about various aspects of the status of the ALMA observatory and the progress of Science Operations are collected here. The documents can also be retrieved at other locations in the ALMA Science Portal (usually as General News items).

Document Date
Cycle 0 Final Report June 19, 2013
ALMA Cycle 1 Proposal Review: Detailed Report March 14, 2013
ALMA Cycle 2 Proposal Review: Detailed Report June 2014
ALMA Cycle 3 Proposal Review: Detailed Report October 2015
ALMA Cycle 4: Selection Statistics September 2016
ALMA Cycle 5: Selection Statistics September 2017
ALMA Cycle 6: Selection Statistics August 2018
ALMA Cycle 7: Selection Statistics August 2019
The ALMA Cycle 8 2021 Proposal Process December 2021
The ALMA Cycle 9 Proposal Process January 2023