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ARC Scientist position at ESO (now filled)

deadline for appications: 30 april 2018

The ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) department at ESO provides the interface between the European ALMA Users Community and the ALMA observatory in Chile. In collaboration with a network of ALMA Regional Centre nodes distributed throughout Europe, the ARC supports European ALMA users with the preparation of ALMA proposals and provides post-observation user support. Furthermore, it is involved in the operations of ALMA, helps building tools for users and the observatory, etc. The ARC, together with the Joint ALMA Observatory in Chile and the network of ARC nodes is also responsible for performing quality assurance on ALMA data for PIs from ESO member states. This quality assurance procedure consists of calibration, imaging, and packaging the data for delivery, and is currently a combination of manual and pipeline processing. The ARC is looking for a scientist to help with core ARC duties, and in particular with the quality assurance procedure and participate in the commissioning of the ALMA data reduction pipeline.

For more information, and to apply for this position (before 30 April 2018), go here