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Netherlands ALMA Community Day – ALMA Data Reduction Training Day

register before March 2, 2017

, the European ALMA Regional Center node in the Netherland, is organizing a science day on Thursday March 2, 2017, at Leiden
Observatory. For those interested, ALMA data reduction training with CASA will be offered on Friday March 3 at Allegro. You can indicate your interest on the event registration page linked above.

The Community Day event will feature presentations on exciting recent results from ALMA by astronomers from the Allegro user community, the latest news from ALMA, and a plenary discussion on expectations and wishes for user support and any other ALMA-related topics.The day will bew concluded with the Leiden Observatory General Astrophysics Colloquium that for the occasion of this workshop will have a special ALMA theme, and will be delivered by Dr. Mario Tafalla (OAN Madrid) on ‘ALMA observations of protostellar jets. Trying to understand the mechanism of outflow acceleration’.

You can register for the Netherlands Allegro ALMA Community Day 2017 following this link.

If you are interested in given a contributed talk (~20 min) on recent results from ALMA or any related topic, please indicate this on
the registration page.


Leiden Observatory
PO Box 9513
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands