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ALMA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals closure

The proposal submission deadline for ALMA Early Science Cycle 2 proposals closed on the 5th of December 2013. ALMA received 1382 unique proposals estimated to require 7314 hours of 12-m Array and 3325 hours of ACA time. By comparison, 1131 proposals were received in Cycle 1 and 919 in Cycle 0.

ToO observations were requested in 24 proposals. A total of 1049 individual PIs and 3408 proposers (PIs and coIs) were involved in the submitted proposals. The percentage of submitted proposals per band in the 12-m array was 25% (Band 3), 5% (Band 4), 29% (Band 6), 32% (Band 7), 4% (Band 8) and 5% (Band 9).

The distribution of proposals accross science categories was 21% (Cosmology and the high redshift universe), 26% (Galaxies and galactic nuclei), 26% (ISM, star formation and astrochemistry), 18% ( Circumstellar Disks, Exoplanets and the Solar System ) and 9% (Stellar evolution and the Sun). The fractions of proposals coming from the three Executives, Chile and outside the partnership was NA:30%, EU:41%, EA:20%, CL:7% and 'Outside': 3%, similar to the previous two cycles.

The ARCs handled a total of 323 helpdesk tickets.

Cycle 2 is expected to start in June 2014 and to span 17 months.

The ALMA review panels will meet in March 2014 and proposers will be informed of the outcome of the review process during April 2014.