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ALMA Science Archive previews

The ALMA Science Archive now features fully interactive previews (zoom & pan) which can be accessed directly from the result table of the ALMA Science Archive interface. For each spectral window, the main FITS file is identified and its preview displayed if available.

The previews show the continuum image, the peak-flux (sometimes called moment 8 image), and if strong lines exist the moment 0 and moment 1 image of the strongest line. We use ADMIT for line finding as well as for tentative line identification. Three spectra are shown through the data cubes: the full flux spectrum as well as two spectra at the locations of the peak in the continuum image as well as of the peak in the moment 0 of the line cube, respectively. Spectra are available at native resolution, and in a version binned by a factor of 16 along the frequency axis.

The previews come with extensive help, accessible through a separate tab and by mousing over relevant areas in the figures. Previews for ALMA products as well as for ARI-L products are provided, and have been computed already for over 94% of all science images and cubes.

One-click CARTA visualization will soon be available directly from the preview windows of the query interface.

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