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ALMA Status Report: August 2015

Status report available which includes the Cycle 2 observing progress, project components that can no longer be observed, completion and data delivery summary, and EOC activity update.

An ALMA status report for August 2015 is available as a pdf document. The report summarizes the status of Cycle 2 Early Science observations, including "Cycle 1 Transfer" projects, as of Aug 2015 including events since the last Status Update (published in the ALMA Science Portal on November 12, 2014). It includes a summary of observing progress, Cycle 1 and 2 project completion statistics, a description of the actions that are being taken for project components that are no longer eligible to be scheduled, progress on data reduction and delivery, a summary of the Cycle 3 submitted proposals and user survey, the status of the commissioning effort called “Extension and Optimization of Capabilities (EOC)”, and preparations for Cycle 4.