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CASA 3.2.0 Release

Dear Colleagues,   We are pleased to announce a new release of CASA (3.2.0).   CASA, the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package is being  developed by NRAO, ESO, and NAOJ and is used for the offline reduction  and analysis of both ALMA and EVLA data.  CASA is fully scriptable.   Full support is provided for ALMA, VLA, and EVLA formats, but almost  any  data that can be written in uvfits format can be imported and reduced in CASA (for  example, CARMA, SMA, ATCA).   Linux and MacOS distributions of CASA 3.2.0 are now available from the CASA webpage:   http://casa.nrao.edu   Please Follow the links to "Obtaining CASA".   New features in CASA 3.2.0 include:

  • new task flagcmd allows flagging based on a string of flagging commands
  • clean has more stokes options
  • improvements in multi-scale multi-frequency imaging and deconvolution
  • plotms has the option to iterate through the data (eg. by baseline or¬†spw)
  • uvcontsub2 offers polynomial fits to the data
  • simdata includes ALMA early science Cycle 0 antenna configurations
  • new interpolation method in cvel based on FFT shifts
  • 'Perley-Butler 2010' is now the new default flux standard
  • CASA can now handle data with (air) wavelength spectral axes
  • support of multi-extension fits in the viewer
  • speed improvement in single dish baseline fitting

For a full list, see the release notes.   We encourage you to subscribe to either or both of the following subscription lists:   Casa-announce for announcement of new releases, workshops, etc.; please subscribe at   http://listmgr.cv.nrao.edu/mailman/listinfo/casa-announce   Casa-users for critical bugs and code updates; please subscribe at   http://listmgr.cv.nrao.edu/mailman/listinfo/casa-users   If you have any questions, please consult the NRAO helpdesk:   http://help.nrao.edu Regards,   The CASA team