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Cycle 4: Phase 2 kick-off

The delivery of the Cycle 4 notification e-mails to ALMA PIs marks the beginning of this Cycle's Phase 2. As of this Cycle, PIs will be creating their Scheduling Blocks (SBs), with the assistance of ALMA staff, and following the guidelines given in Sec. 6.1 of the ALMA User’s Policies, the relevant Knowledgebase article, the Phase 2 Quick Start Guide and the User's Guide to the ALMA Scheduling Blocks .

In order to create and submit their SBs, PIs should use the new version of the Observing Tool available from the Phase 2 page , that also fixes the recent bug related to the Java update. PIs can then follow their projects through the ALMA Snooping Project Interface (SnooPI) .

The deadline for submission of the Scheduling Blocks is September 15, 2016, at 15h00 UT.