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Extension and Optimization of Capabilities Team Announces Start of the Long Baseline Campaign

As reported in the ALMA Status Report from March 2014, the Extension and Optimization of Capabilities (EOC) Team has started the Long Baseline Campaign (LBC) effective 01 September 2014 and will continue commissioning type observations through the end of November. This is a critical campaign (and essential for Cycle 3 proposed capabilities) that will test the calibration and imaging characteristics of ALMA out to baselines of at least 10km.

All ALMA Early Science Observations (both Cycle 2 and carryover Cycle 1 programs) have been halted until the end of the campaign. Early Science observations are scheduled to resume in 2014 December in array configuration C34-3 and starting in 2015 January in array configuration C34-1.

Please contact your regional ARC for support for more information regarding both Early Science and EOC activities during this time.