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New Release of Band 9 Science Verification Data

A new installment of Science Verification data is available. This release contains IRAS16293 band 9 data. The source, the data and the data reduction procedure are described in the accompanying CASA Guide. This is the first ALMA band 9 Science Verification data release and represents a milestone for the ALMA construction.

The data products released here contain raw, uncalibrated data to allow users to try their hands at a complete data reduction process. To aid the users with the band 9 data reduction, the CASA Guide provide step-by-stepguidance. A calibrated data set is also provided, allowing users to perform data analysis and post-processing.

The Science Verification data set is available through the ALMA Science Portal: go to ALMA Data --> Science Verification and select the source.

We thank the large number of staff at the JAO and the ARCs who have participated in the commissioning activities, observations and data reduction that made this release possible.

Reminder: In order to reduce and/or analyze the ALMA data, users need to use the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package. The CASA package can be accessed through http://casa.nrao.edu. The CASA Guide requires the CASA 3.4 version, which will be released shortly. Feedback on the data and on the CASA software is always welcome!