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New release of Science Verification Data

A new installment of Science Verification data is available. The data contains observations of quasars obtained during the long baseline campaigns in 2012, 2013, and 2014. The data were taken to study the stability of the relative amplitude and phase of the system and the atmosphere.

The ALMA Science Verification web page (http://almascience.org/alma-data/science-verification) contains two files that describe the available data. These files are: 

README: A general description of the datasets available.

10kmBL-DataStatus.pdf : A detailed listing of the datasets.

Because these data were taken as commissioning test data, the normal calibration observations for ALMA data were not obtained and no general data reduction script is available.

Any of the datasets can be obtained by sending a message to the ALMA Helpdesk (https://help.almascience.org) with the UID of the dataset listed in 10kmBL-DataStatus.pdf.