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Resubmission of unfinished Cycle 1 and 2 proposals for the Cycle 3 proposal review

Proposers of active Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 B- or C-graded projects should consider that these projects may not be completed before the end of Cycle 2.  If they wish to observe the same targets in Cycle 3 they must specify whether or not the cycle 3 observations will duplicate the former ones. If so, the proposers must specify if the duplicating observations need to be repeated in Cycle 3 even if they have been successfully completed by the end of Cycle 2. Such repetition, if deemed necessary, must be scientifically justified.

Numbers in parenthesis means that the configuration is expected to contain sufficient baselines to approximate either configuration.

Due to the array configuration schedule there are in particular a number of projects that are unlikely to be observed: