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Science Portal Updates

The following changes have been implemented in the Science Portal and corresponding documents:

  • The schedule that is currently foreseen for the compact and extended configurations offered for Early Science Cycle 0 is as follows:

    • 30 September - 30 November 2011: Extended configuration
    • 1 December 2011 - 30 January 2012: Compact configuration
    • 1 February - 29 February 2012: Science shutdown over altiplanic winter
    • 1 March - 30 April 2012: Compact configuration
    • 1 May - 30 June 2012: Extended configuration

    This schedule takes into account scientific, engineering and operational factors. It will allow observations in all Right Ascensions for each configuration, and as a result PIs preparing Cycle 0 proposals need not be overly concerned about  RA availability.

    Prospective PIs are asked to note that this schedule is indicative only, and that Early Science Cycle 0 observing is being offered on a "Best Efforts" basis. The dates and even the approach may be adjusted as necessary, particularly if required to maintain progress towards the completion of the full ALMA observatory.

  • The maximum useable bandwidth for the widest ("continuum") mode was changed from 8 GHz to 7.5 GHz (total), and from 2.0 GHz to 1.875 GHz (per spectral window) to reflect the fact that the edge channels have a degraded response. The data produced with this mode will still cover the wider bandwidth, but sensitivity calculations should use the useable bandwidth. This is detailed in Section 5.4 of the Technical Handbook and results in changes to the OT, the ASC, the Proposers Guide, and the Capabilities pages..
  • A weather page has been added under the 'About ALMA' menu. Users can read about weather statistics and obtain the atmospheric transmission as a function frequency and precipitable water vapor content.

The following documents have been updated with new versions ready for download:

ALMA Cycle 0 Proposers Guide

- Minor changes to the text regarding 'best effort' observations

- Appendix A updated with a preliminary antenna configuration time schedule

OT Reference Manual

- Updated to reflect the maximum available bandwidth of 7.5 GHz

ALMA Sensitivity Calculator

- Updated to reflect the maximum available bandwidth of 7.5 GHz