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ALMA Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 Timelines

During the last two months excellent progress has been made both with array stability and infrastructure enhancements (following the decision outlined in the News Item from April 8, 2013 ). Consequently, Cycle 1 Early Science observing will resume at nominal priority in June 2013.

In order to fully test new observing modes that will be offered in Cycle 2 and to be able to deliver Cycle 1 highest priority projects to PIs in a timely manner, it has been decided to extend Cycle 1 and to modify the timeline for Cycle 2, as follows:

1) Cycle 1 Early Science observations will continue until the end of May 2014 and Cycle 1 DDT proposals will be accepted until that date.

2) The call for Cycle 2 Early Science proposals will be made in October 2013 with a deadline for proposal submission in early December 2013. Cycle 2 Early Science observations are expected to start in June 2014.

The detailed timelines for Cycle 2, including the number of projected observing hours and the length of the Cycle 2 period, as well as the science capabilities will be announced in the call for proposals.