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Tarball Download Page

If you experience problems with the new OT Installer, the tarball version remains available and the instructions for installing this have not changed. However, the tarball version also now comes with its own version of Java so it is not necessary to have a copy of Java 11 on your computer. Users running Mac OS 10.15 Catalina must use the tarball version!

The installation instructions for the tarball version are:

1. Download the tarball in your preferred format:

2. Unpack the tarball (it will unpack into its own directory)

3. Run post-installation setup

  • Linux or Mac OS:

    cd ALMAOT-Cycle8/setup
    cd ..

  • MS Windows

-> Go to the ALMAOT-Cycle8/setup directory

-> Double click "Setup-Windows" (may read "Setup-Windows.cmd")

4. Start up the OT

  • Mac OS:

./ or double-click in a Finder window

  • Linux:

./ or double-click in a window manager if this is configured to run executable files from the terminal

  • MS Windows

Double-click "ALMA-OT" (might read "ALMA-OT.cmd")